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Friday, 06 October 2006 21:27


'Hyperlexics are intelligent , often a high IQ or capacity for lateral thought accompanies an intense curiosity and interest in learning .Hyperlexics are highly verbal and quite often gifted academically, yet fail to fulfill potential '

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i - Avoidance of long texts and textbooks , results from the key inability to easily ascertain gestalt meaning [ the whole picture ] from a written text .
ii - Written material can be disorganized .
iii - Oral presentations may be poorly structured .
iv - Long sets of instructions may result in disorientation.
v - Attention/Concentration can drift .

' The hyperlexic learning style is at times at odds with the conventional presentation of materials . Hyperlexic children and adults are highly visual learners, processing is often much more effective where materials are presented with a visual spatial bias .'

' Visual methods of organizing materials or note taking can be highly effective , such as the use of Mind Maps or Word Webs, allowing organization of materials spatially instead of linearly. '

' Only through an understanding of visual and gestalt learning styles, can you hope to maximize potential '
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