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Tuesday, 23 September 2008 18:01
We increasingly live in a world without economic borders , where with the push of one button a billion dollars moves around the globe . In this world money goes where labor is cheapest . At first it was the manufacturing and the muscle jobs , then the call center jobs and now the traditional middle class roles .It has already begun , the home working revolution means we are no longer tied to an office , you can live anywhere in the country , it is but one small step to train and outsource from outside the country . In order to compete in a global economy , we have to go back to school , we have to make education a lifelong commitment , we have to be better , we have to lead on ideas and innovation , because being local is not enough anymore . In the modern knowledge economy you have to be able to retool ,the ability to retrain quickly, to master new skills to be adaptable is the ultimate skill.


An LMS/LMR is a learning management systems . A tool for distance learning where courses and training can be supplied and administered online . But there is no rule that an LMS has to be confined to distance learning , an LMS can be an important part of any course or training , a permanent database of training materials which can be previewed or reviewed 24/7 . Fully bespoke multimedia LMS Web training portals or libraries preserve institutional memory .

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